Gallery: Political

I have often used a tree to illustrate my social and political points of view.

A Two-sided Border Story illustrates the impact of open borders between Mexico and the U.S. versus our current ineffective closed border policy. The trunk on the right side of the tree is in a sock and shoe in the colors of our American Flag, surrounded by green valleys and an open road to a future in America. The trunk of the closed borders side of the tree is a bare foot on hot desert sand. A corrugated steel wall separates immigrants from their dreams of a better life.

Bible Babble and The Story of Eve, The bible tells us that Eve emerged from Adam’s rib, ate the forbidden apple and brought pain and suffering to all of humanity. From genesis to our most recent writings, women are depicted as less than equal and subservient to men. Eve was responsible for man’s eviction from Paradise and women have been paying the price ever since.

The branches of the tree feature quotes from the bible and other important writings, woman are gullible, vain and greedy, & lacking moral discipline & reasoning skills. She is forbidden fruit, femme fatal, and a she-devil. This is the kind of babble women hear every day. Let's blame it all on Eve!

The Tree of Contemporary Art has a dual purpose. It illustrates the history of contemporary art throughout the 20th century and it suggests that great woman artists received less notoriety because the industry was and is largely controlled by men.

The branches of the tree identify each art period and style and the leaves feature the names of the artists who worked in that period and style. The male artists were easily identifiable by their last names but I felt the need to list both names of the female artists because they were not as well known. The leaves intersected where artists enjoyed a love relationship.

Foot Binding to The 21st Century Stiletto... Chinese foot binding was used to show men how small and beautiful women's feet were. Today, stilettos are the 21st-century version of Chinese foot binding. We are bound by the expectations of what a woman should look like. I love high heels and wore them for so long working in Manhattan that I developed bone spurs. I had to ask myself... why do we prevent ourselves from walking freely by binding our feet in high heel shoes? This inspired me to paint the shoes on the tree that illustrates the cruelty of bound and heeled feet.

Let the Words Fall Out describes a woman's body from her natural birthing to her hormonal changes. It also lists the violence we do to our bodies for the male gaze and to reach an idealized version of beauty and perfection. I exaggerate the obvious so that the female viewer will see some of herself in this painting and the male viewer will gain a better understanding of what it is like to be a woman. "Let the words Fall Out" is a line from Sara Bareilles' song, "Brave".

Bible Babble & The Story of Eve
Oil on Canvas, Framed, 87" x 63" x 3 1/2"
The Tree of Contemporary Art - SOLD
Oil on Canvas, Framed, 72" x 84" x 3 1/2"
A Two-Sided Border Story
Mixed Media on Canvas, Framed, 48" x 36" x 2 1/2"
Foot Binding to The 21st Century Stiletto
Oil on Canvas, Framed, 26" x 26"
Let the Words Fall Out
Acrylic on Canvas, 7’ x 5’8”